Dempem Engineering Services Ltd (DES) is registered in the following classes:

(1). Electrical Contractor, Class A1 - Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority, EPRA

(2). Energy Audit Firm, Category A - Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority, EPRA

(3). Electrical Engineering Services Contractor, NCA 4 - National Construction Authority, NCA

(4). Building Works Contractor, NCA 5 - National Construction Authority, NCA



Dempem Engineering Services Ltd (DES) is an engineering firm operating in Kenya, offering cutting edge innovative Electrical Engineering & Energy Management solutions, products and services. It was established in 2006 as a Business name and incorporated as a limited Company in 2011.

DES is registered as a Class A1 Electrical Contractor, and as a Category A Energy Audit Firm by the Energy & Petroleum Regulatory Authority, EPRA. It is licensed to carry out all kinds of Electrical Installation Works and to conduct all Energy Audits including Investment Grade Audits.

DES is registered by Kenya Power & Lighting Company Ltd, KPLC as an Electrical Contractor Class A1 and is authorized to carry out Electrical Installations, test them, and issue Test and Completion Certificates for connection to all Voltage Levels.

DES is registered as an Electrical Engineering Services Contractor - Category NCA4  and also as a Building Works Contractor - Category NCA5 by the National Construction Authority, NCA.

DES undertakes Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, and Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery, & Building Electrical Services.

DES not only conducts all Categories of Energy Audits but also undertakes Retrofitting for Improving Energy Efficiency.

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